Businesses need to manage a huge amount of data on a daily basis. If the data is not managed in a proper way, then it will have no significance for the businesses. Thus, businesses need a platform that can help them streamline the data in a way that they can convert the data into meaningful information. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is an effective information management tool for businesses that need to work with a huge amount of data. This tool can simplify the information management process of businesses. insight management

SharePoint 2010 Insights

SharePoint 2010 Insights is one of the tools of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 application that can help businesses develop a sound business intelligence platform for their business needs. This platform provides an organization with means to analyze and access different types of data. This business intelligence platform can play an important role in an organization’s decision making process.

Features Of SharePoint 2010 Insights

SharePoint 2010 Insights provides the users various features to analyze structured data as well as unstructured data. Structured data of an organization can be available in the form of reports, excel sheets, spreadsheets etc., while unstructured data can be available in the form of documents, emails, presentations, sites and blogs etc. The users can use various features such as interactive dashboards, scorecards to publish the information in the form of reports, diagrams, databases and applications to suit their own needs.

Important highlights of Insights

Insights is a comprehensive tool that provides several advantages to organizations and users. The important highlights are as follows:

1. User Friendly Interface:

It’s a user friendly application. The employees of any organization who are already familiar with common Microsoft products do not find it difficult to work with SharePoint 2010 Insights.

2. Right tools for information management and presentation:

SharePoint Insight’s reporting tools are not only user friendly but also very powerful. Both novice as well as experienced users can use the data analysis and reporting tools of SharePoint 2010 Insights to present the information in a desired manner. These tools make it easy for users to break down the data as per their own needs.

3. Improved Decision making process:

The users of the application can get access to the relevant data and can use the data to come up with better decisions in the light of the trends identified during their data analysis. This platform opens up new doors for employees of the organizations as they can dig deep into the data to get the better insight of the business issues and make right decisions at the right time.